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A Land Rover Series 1 of indeterminate length. Step 2. Wash.

Mick Bonwick


The first thing done with high gloss diecast models is to add the wash, if dirty areas are to be depicted. It's done at this stage because enamel washes work very well on a high gloss surface. Using the rigger brush and my trusty Mig Productions Dark Wash (because I can't find the one I bought to do the original Land Rover!) I've added fluid to all the corners, edges, lumps and bumps to highlight detail and prepare for dirty areas. Note that there are many blobs and runs that look a right mess. This will be rectified very soon.







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Just to confirm my thoughts Mick, you havent used the Dullcoat yet as the gloss finish is needed in this case to help the wash flow?


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That's right, Steve. Keeping the gloss finish helps the wash to flow. It isn't absolutely necessary, but it helps, especially with panel edges like the doors and roof sections on this model.

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