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  1. I've seen blue butterflies for a week or so now, not sure if they would be Common or Holly though, they never sit still long enough!
  2. More fantastic work James! I like the way you've done the rust marks using masking tape 👍
  3. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the subject of Class 25 roofs? I'm going to fit an etched roof fan grill, but I fancied having a go at replicating the revised exhaust fitted during the 70's. I'm not sure of the dimensions or where, exactly to fit it, also what to do with the old circular exhaust. In the Diesels in depth class 24/25 book, it says some were plated over, others just left in place. I can't find a photo of a prototype pic of the loco I'm basing it on, but I believe all members of the class had this exhaust mod. Many thanks
  4. I was a fan of Juniper Hill, it was the inspiration behind Ruston Sidings so I'm glad I found this thread. A great idea for a layout, I'm looking forward to seeing this develop. It's looking great so far 👍
  5. Started to remove front end and underframe details using a scraper and various files. I've been looking through books etc and at the moment I'm looking at basing the loco on a photo of 5216/25 066 at London St Pancras in the 70's. It still had gangway doors but there was a radiator grill and bodyside steps plated over. I believe the exhaust would have been moved by that time as well, but it doesn't show in the photo. It's never going to be 100% accurate and I know there's way more I could do but I hope to get a good impression. I haven't decided yet whether to fully repaint it or just re paint the ends, I quite like the Hornby Blue.
  6. You are most welcome Phil. I thought it looked pretty fresh, and I've never seen one in our garden, they don't seem too common round here.
  7. Rescued this little guy from cooking in the greenhouse over the weekend, must have been tired it sat on my hand for ages until flying off.
  8. Thank you @Stretch37266, can DM me details please. Edit.... Where's my manners! Just messaged you Paul.
  9. Thank you both. Conclusion is they aren't yellow rattle, they're in a patch of my garden I leave so if they dont get outgrown I'll see what they are, could be rosebay willow herb?
  10. Never seen one of them in the flesh either!
  11. @monkeysarefun love to see Kangeroos in the wild like that. Not quite the same but I see these almost every day when I'm walking the dog.
  12. Thank you, I might try that on another loco. I was trying to use stuff I've stashed away and I've got a Craftsman detailing kit and finecast flush glazing to use. Years ago I stashed, (hoarded!) all sorts of bits and pieces and I've given myself a task of detailing all my older locos to practise my skills and see what can be done with older stuff. You wouldn't know a good paint match for Hornbys BR blue by any chance? I was thinking of just touching in any etched brass bits and just repainting the yellow ends.
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