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1470 gains an ash pan

The Fatadder


Inspired by PMPs recent blog, I have finally got on with adding an ash pan to my DJM model of 1470.
Cobbled together from some black plasticard cut to shape roughly from the etched version on a high level chassis. Stuck to some square section plastic spur and glued onto the chassis.


It was then given a coat of weathered black paint (as was the smoke box) the loco now needs heavy weathering to get that authentic wartime black look, but first I need to find the missing number plate and confirm if the steps has been added by 47.


They were not there in the early 40s when repainted into black, but I’ve yet to find a photo after it gained the 1470 number in 1946.


Unfortunately while removing the smokebox door for fixing the holes from the BR number plate removal, the smokebox door dart was damaged and now needs replacing...


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