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Part 2 - all the other things



So as I mentioned on the previous blog, I've started more than one thing. And finished none of them!


Here are the other things I'm working on at the min.


Hornby class 91 - so I bought this aaaaaages ago, and thought I'd have a mess about with a "what if" livery. Thinking along the lines on 50149, I wondered what would happen if the 91's were repurposed for some high speed freight work?


So I took it to bits, and then decided I'd try and replace the motor with a CD motor. Which I then burnt out. So I tried again, and thought I'd try and add a dcc socket, and then an Express models lighting kit. Which I've pretty much done, as you can see in the wiring mayhem shown below. Though I've soldered connectors on, so I can disconnect the lighting from the decoder if one ever goes pop.


I'd messed the yellow front up on the 91, and lost the headlight infill, so re-did it and messed it up again. But also learnt that cheap masking tape and fox transfers that aren't sealed don't get on too well! So when I've practised my weathering on other models, this will will be looking more "careworn". There's the hole in the roof to fill, new pantograph to fit and the roof apparatus to sort. Also need to clean the wheels, as the pickup is quite poor. drill the holes for the lights at the front, try and make all the wires fit, and see what happens!


Another Heljan 47 that I was practising on is one I did in "dutch" livery, mainly to test out my airbrush and my masking. As you can see from the photos, I didn't get the masking quite right, so there's some remedial work to do, but I'm not unhappy with how this has come out. Not sure where I'll go with this one, maybe this one will be "ex-works" or very slightly weathered.


A 3rd 47 is one I saw a piccy of and liked - a Scottish 47, large logo with ploughs. This one I've made a couple of hashes of too. When I wrapped around the yellow on the cab sides, it didn't match the yellow from Heljan, and it irked me. Plus you could see the vertical line where the "old" yellow finished. So I rubbed it down, and re-primered it. The roof it already rail grey, and the bodysides are primed, so when this has gone off, it'll be back to the yellow, then masking up for the blue. I'm also messing about with adding better buffers, have some nice sprung ones, but only 1 chassis I have will take them.


And lastly (for this blog anyway) is a Bachmann 20, that I resprayed green with Halfords rattle cans. I thought I'd done an ok job, but the photos don't lie - the masking of the grey/green under the rail is terrible! I also need to lay my hands on some cab glazing as the stuff that came with it was so brittle if snapped in half. Managed to pick up a chassis in Cornwall on hols for £9 (iffy motor), so I'm hoping to either fix the motor, or just run it as a "dummy" paired with the factory 20 at the side of it. I'm hoping a coat of matt varnish takes the gloss off.


So that's mostly it, as ever, thoughts, ideas, comments welcome! Even if it is "finish *something* Matthew!!!" :-)

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If the delineation between the grey and the green on the Class 20 isn't quite perfect, you can always touch it in with a small brush carefully and spray matt varnish over afterwards. Once you have then weathered it, I bet you won't notice it any more!

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Thanks Capt.  It's a long way from perfect, but I didn't really know whether I would get the metal rails off without breaking them.  But I will have a look at tidying it up, and like you say, with a bit of roof grime added, maybe it won't be noticeable! Need to sort the cab glazing out too, doesn't seem to be that common though, replacement plastic glass......

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