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  1. I put a fiver on the gee gees. I didn't win anything. I'm disappointed...
  2. Complaining about the contents of a Mystery Box seems to me to be akin to a gambler complaining that he didn't win anything.... Or is that unfair?
  3. Fair comment, Al, very fair comment. I haven't looked at the railmotor thread, it's not something that I have any plans to buy, but part of me isn't surprised that there have been snags there too. It must be quite a challenge, I would have thought, to mass produce a viable steam railmotor bogie in 4mm scale. recently, I've been left wondering if, in general, RTR models have been getting too complicated in recent years. Lots of additional detail on a model, some of which the purchaser has to add on, some of which is added on in the factory, but it all makes for increasingly delicate models. That isn't to say that I'm implying that people who complain of things falling off are somehow hamfisted or clumsy, but it is probably true to say that the more delicate the model, the more tiny bits and pieces only attached by (possibly) inconsistent amounts of glue, then the more likely it is for damage to occur during handling, even if that's only when in transit from the factory to the modeller's home. The one thing you can say about models you have completed yourself, whether scratchbuilt, kit or detailed RTR, is that you yourself know how delicate (or otherwise) any given detail item is. I'm not, however, hankering for a return to the 'bad only days' of the early 1970s, say, but I do wonder sometimes whether there is a 'happy medium?'...
  4. Well, fair enough, but I speak as I find. I've also discussed the issues with a retailer, where the conversation did not enhance my confidence in these models. I've not had good experiences generally with the ability of several new RTR releases recently to run smoothly, which is why I take a more intolerant attitude than most, perhaps, to these things. Some manufacturers manage to get it right first time and I'm left wondering what it is that they are doing right that others are clearly not (not all the time, anyway).
  5. Why does it matter whether it's called a train set or a model railway? Why is this important to some folk?
  6. None of the Rapido black examples shown on the Kernow Models website have any copper or brass showing... Given that the prototypes were mainly used for ECS workings between Paddington and Old Oak Common and also local goods and docks working in South Wales, I would not have thought that polishing any brass or copper would have been that high on any shedmaster's agenda.
  7. Kernow Model Centre are doing them new (Rapido) for £134.99, which will be a discount of some kind on the RRP. But..... there have been a lot of reports of these RTR locos not running too well and I think some of bits falling off in transit... If I needed one of these (fortunately for my wallet I don't!!), then I would definitely opt for the one you have fettled and not the RTR one. There have also been complaints from some folk about the RTR ones 'waddling'. Well the real ones did as well, so that's one thing that Rapido have got right!
  8. That's even more incredible, looking at it from different angles. To think that you can simply press a button and reproduce more of these, unbelievable. And all the preparatory work done on a computer. It's literally like sorcery! What about that 2021, then?!
  9. My apologies, but I wasn't aware of your previous building of OO-SF pointwork... The only OO-SF I have built is the crossover on Bethesda, which I tested (on the bench) before committing to laying it on the layout. I tested it with all the locos that I owned at the time (about 5 years ago), which were ever likely to run on the layout. Most of these have turned Romford or Markits RP25 wheels. All ran fine. I later found out that the 'design spec' (if that's the correct term) for OO-SF was based around this kind of wheel. A couple of Bachmann locos with original chassis ran OK as well (pannier and 08). Since then, some RTR stuff has come on the scene, which doesn't conform to the limitations laid down by OO-SF. If you don't want to run any of these new items, then fine, but if you do succumb, then you are in trouble. The problems also occur on another item of pointwork, built to OO-SF by another modeller and later sold to me (which I haven't yet used and sadly probably won't use now).
  10. You are a lucky chap, then! Every single 14XX that I've ever come into contact with has run very badly. I have a friend who has a good-running Rapido Hunslet 0-6-0ST, I was rather envious... Even if my Accurascale Manor had run well, there is something about the flange profile of this loco that is incompatible with the OO-SF gauge of 16.2mm. It didn't just bind (or come to a stop) when encountering 16.2mm track (as was the case with a loco from a different company but manufactured in the same factory), the lighter weight tender of the Manor actually derailed each time it encountered my short length of OO-SF track... When the running failed to improve, despite lengthy running in, I just gave up. Sometimes it's OK to go without. Oh, you're right there. I can think of cases of two Bachmann 64XXs, bought my me at the same time, one for a friend and the other for myself, where my friend's one ran very smoothly but mine had an annoying tight spot. The same with a Hornby ex-L&Y 'Pug'... Indeed. Even I shall probably chance my arm again with one or two of those, because they are cleverly doing the rivetted tank examples, which Bachmann don't do and I'd prefer that that risking Archers transfer rivets coming off a Bachmann tank over time... But I'll only buy one if you can easily separate body from chassis or otherwise convert the AS chassis to P4 in a straightforward manner. If it's anything like that other abomination, the Rapido 16XX, then it's back to the Archers transfers for me...
  11. You have probably gathered by now that I am an unrepentant, unreconstructed dinosaur, who is unwilling to come out of his comfort zone, built up by decades of modelling using certain materials and in a certain way. I just don't understand these new technologies and I seriously begrudge spending the time in an (inevitably) abortive attempt to understand them. By suggesting easy to assembly brass chassis, I was simply looking for something relatively low cost and which also avoided the need for soldering and the use of expensive jigs. Although I build springing or compensation into both my P4 and OO models, I only do so with the latter in terms of making current collection more reliable. But provided the track is well laid, compensation and springing aren't even necessary for P4... I hardly ever spring or compensate any wagons that I now convert or build for P4 these days. Provided they don't derail, I'm happy. So although you say (above) that you were 'keen to produce something which got away from reliance on soldering and precision assembly' (my highlights), my initial alarm at the thought of something not being assembled with precision gave way to the conviction that you actually meant that the precision (necessary in any mechanism of this nature) would be part of your chassis design...? As regards the Aberdare, I think you said that it was designed with Bachmann 08 wheels in mind. Would the design also allow the use of EM or P4 substitute wheels for the Bachmann 08 by the likes of Alan Gibson or Ultrascale?
  12. I'm not sure that everyone will want to junk their Bachmann panniers, especially as the basic product remains of high quality. Accurascale are riding high at the moment on the strength of their Manor, but not everyone has had a good experience with this loco in terms of good running. Mine was so bad that it went back to the retailer and I decided not to order a replacement. I just went without and nothing awful happened... I'm still not convinced that the new boys of Accurascale and Rapido have yet mastered the ability to produce a consistently well running loco in the same way that Bachmann have. Sure, going DCC may help, but not all of us want to. Every steam outline loco I've had off these new boys has either been returned to the retailer or sold on, because they just wouldn't run consistently on DC. The abomination that was the DJ Models 14XX mechanism was exactly the same (although I liked the body). Yet the established manufacturers such as Bachmann, Dapol and Hornby have consistently provided me with smooth running locos. I speak as I find!
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