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Up side down

Job's Modelling


Everything got upside down



So, we made our plans. Then my wife had a serious fall in the bathroom and insured her back badly. Her recovery will take some time. The Billy cabinet has now to wait for a while. But that is now problem.



I want to thank everyone who gave me useful information for the design of my Billy plank. I already started with making a new plan.



One of the advices was to buy the excellent book Modelling Grassland and landscape detailing from Gordon Gravett. I also bought Creating the rural scene – A guide for Railway Modellers and Diorama Model Makers from David Wright.


When I browsed the books, I noticed that there was still a lot to learn for me. So, I will go back for now to the building of small dioramas. In that way I can try out the several techniques I want to use for my Billy plank diorama and built some rural scenes.


In this way I can support my wife with her recovery and do some technique developing modelling.


Kind regards,


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Hi Job,  I'm sorry to hear about your wife. Best wishes for her recovery.


I hope the modelling can give you a little relaxation from a stressful time.


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