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PDK Maunsell L1 class 4-4-0 No. 1783

Mick Bonwick


Another kit-built Southern liveried locomotive, this time a Maunsell L1 4-4-0 in lined olive green. The PDK kit was built by Chris Phillips:




This locomotive will be filthy!


First step to be illustrated this time is the preparation of the workspace. Before commencing any work I have cleared the decks from the last project, laid down clean paper towels to give a little bit of protection to the old bedsheet covering the as-yet unlaid trackbed of my layout, and set out the main tools and materials that will be used. Those that you can see are:


  • Railmatch Frame Dirt and Weathered Black enamel paints
  • Glass dish containing clean white spirit
  • Disposable pipette for transferring white spirit into airbrush cup
  • Old paintbrush for transferring paint to airbrush cup
  • Airbrush (Iwata Eclipse SBS) cup
  • Plastic bottle with Eclipse adapter, containing clean white spirit
  • Various fiddly-pokey tools, just in case
  • MIG Productions pigments - Black Smoke, Track Brown, Dark Mud and Rubbel Dust


If I remember, I'll explain the use of each of these as they are utilised.





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