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Blog Entry 300 - Stour Valley progress

Fen End Pit


Last week I finally managed to get back on to doing some scenic work on the main layout, I was waiting until I had both platforms cut and assembled and that was waiting on getting the platform 2 building built. I managed to get the track through the platforms painted and ballasted and then the basic ground works cut in polystyrene, scupltamolded  and painted.


This evening I drove a few trains around to celebrate. The Brush Type 2 arrives with the pickup goods while the Cravens DMU waits in platform 2 for token.IMG_7627a.jpg.49c95d68c9757b51f751cbc8a1ff5abc.jpg


I need to do something about the platform surfaces, platform 1 is much too dark and platform 2 is just unpainted MDF at the moment (it is still removable). The ground behind platform 2 is very uneven as it included some of the earthworks associated with the castle bailey. The ground is obviously also quite unstable judging by the state of the current platforms and the fact that by the 1960's the original platform walls had been trimmed back and replaced with a fence in a couple of places.




The photographs also show that the station garden had a serious fence between it and the coal siding. I still need to drill some holes to bed the fence posts in which is why it is so tall at the moment.



The view down the whole length of the layout is getting quite impressive now.



I see this is blog entry 300 after 10 years of blogging on RMWeb. I must admit it is interesting to go back and read through some of them, some projects have come and gone, some things didn't work out as intended but I can look back and be quite pleased with the content of the blog over that time. I hope you've enjoyed reading them.




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Hi David, I for one certainly enjoy reading your posts - though I may have missed one or two.


The layout looks very good. The station buildings are excellent, including the texture and colouring. Here's to the next 300 posts!  :)

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