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More on the 59

The Fatadder



A lot more progress on 59004 today, which has now unfortunately got to the limit of what work can be done on it for the time being.


The headstock was finished off adding the triangular plates behind it (after removing the Class 66 sand boxes.) I have also added a strip of 20thou on the top edge to space it out to get a tighter fit with the body.


I have added the damper between body and bogie, its a little under scale but I re used a part cut of the Class 66 bogies. Speaking of bogies, the side frames are finally glued on, Evostick doing the job nicely that the MEK had failed to achieve.


The rest of the Lima chassis detailing parts were fitted to one side (again the plastic was very hard to glue, resorting to superglue this time), I have also added the fuel gauge detail to the side of the fuel tank (although Im not completely happy with this so may re do it.) The final bits with the air tanks will have to wait until the 16th


Moving to the body, it has had the A1 roof grill fitted, along with drilling out the holes for the lights. Now debating whether or not to cut off the cab door handrails....


The body will need a lot more detailing (side grills for a start), but until RMweb3 is fixed I cant go and look at the photos of Pugsley's conversion to see how he did the grills...........









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