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BA, omg...



Somehow, nothing in this country seems to work. 


Packed up on Friday amid a contentious issue with the tangled web of agencies, umbrella companies etc who have a choke-hold on contract work in this country, in an increasingly confused situation made worse by HMRC issuing threats in all directions and nil clear guidance, and off on holiday to Tampa. It will sort itself, basically a matter of someone in the chain not paying attention to their job, but who needs it? 


I’d really like to put in a good word for BA at this point. I’d LIKE to, but.... I had a good trip to Japan with them in October, but they dropped the ball this time. The check in desk (no online check in for flights to the US, apparently... ) directed us to the BA Lounge. I didn’t expect this, travelling Premium Economy, but you never know.. so off we went, to be refused admission and told that we were not the first travellers mistakenly sent there that day. Not good for 9am. The boarding was confused, mostly because BA don’t seem to have mastered listing boarding groups on the screen. 


The in-flight catering was pretty good the first time, but a group of business travellers became increasingly, obnoxiously drunk, resulting in several passengers complaining and the group being warned and separated. Unfortunately BA didn’t seem to have got the memo about not serving more drink to people who have already had plenty..



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So to be fair, the return flight was uneventful and the catering not bad, not bad at all. There were several seats infilled in Club World, and Economy about 3/4 filled. 


Another whinge about BA travel bookings - the car Hire was problematic, for various reasons. I’m pretty much out of Avios now, so I’ll be looking around next time...



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Really there’s not much to distinguish airlines these days in normal operation . I think it’s when things go wrong that good airlines shine through . In this respect BA are lamentable . I’ve had a few issues with them over the years. If there’s an issue at Heathrow then they cancel flights and it’s usually the domestic services that get cancelled first.  They assure you your bags will transfer with you onto another flight, but in fact in cases of severe disruption , like bad weather, they truck the luggage up, where of course it arrives 2 days after you do! But the clincher for me was coming back from Miami. Check in was a huge queue covering three flights and was a farce . The Miami plane was 2 hours late  giving us a problem with connecting flights to Glasgow . Arriving at about 8am BA thoughtfully bumped us from the connecting 9am flight , rebooked us for 9Pm ( I’m sure they use the last flight as a mop up for any connection issues during the day)  and gave us a voucher for £10 each to last  us 12 hours in Heathrow . Whoopee !   Huge queue at customer services in Term 5 , guess what their computers systems are down and they can’t rebook us on earlier flights . Yeah right!    So BA  is an experience id rather avoid, regretably not a lot of choice  from Glasgow if travelling further than London . 

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I’ve often found there are problems with BA onward connections to U.K. destinations N of LHR, it was a chronic problem with the Baku - LHR service - no great problem for me, but much resented by anyone travelling on to Teeside, Edinburgh or ABZ. 


BA tend to pinch pennies where it shows, which is never a good policy. 


To be fair, Virgin Atlantic check-in at Gatwick and Orlando were chaotic, with much overbooking and some people unable to board at all, both times we used them. My good wife won’t now consider them... 



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