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  1. Thanks for posting Irishmail . I’ve missed Barrie .
  2. Who knows what WCRCs interpretation of the rules are . I have a feeling they may be different from the ORR with reference doors locked out of use on RMB What is interesting is that as I see it WCRC have eventually capitulated realising the only way they are going to get to run Jacobite is with CDL stock . This whole episode has not convinced me they are fit to be on our railway though .
  3. I think you’ll find these Anglias aren’t compliant as you can roll down the windows at the front . Also I don’t think central door locking had been invented yet
  4. That really is interesting . If I understand Howard correctly this is a DCC sound loco running on analogue. Looks like it’s achieving a fair speed
  5. Yep I always manage a visit when in Edinburgh . Great well stocked shop . Congratulations to Harburn
  6. Very interesting that the blame is being put firmly and rightly at WCRC . The ORR has certainly done a good job putting the case forward and a factor that I hadn’t considered is that , of course , hotel owners and boat operators will have to comply with H&S legislation themselves and have no sympathy for those that don’t . So is the £7m the cost to do all 100 of their coaches , while the Jacobite only needs something like 20 including spares ? I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the pig headed refusal to comply with the law should bar WCRC from running anywhere on the network . Its just showing the wrong sort of attitude to running trains on the railway . I hope someone else gets the paths next year .
  7. A J36 would be very acceptable ! But I have to admit extremely unlikely . I get the point about existing CADs speeding things up though
  8. Have a look at Dean Parks YouTube channel - he reviews the new TT120 HST . Quite impressive .
  9. Completely agree e30ftw, although the 73 is a popular model in OO, good point on 26/27/33 .
  10. Just picked up the Hornby TT120 Catalogue which was bundled with Mays Hornby Magazine . When you see the range together it does look quite impressive . Future releases are listed but no more talk of Phase 3 and 4 If you look at those future models where liveries are listed then it’s 9F , Castle, Class 31 and Class 37 . The 31 is marked Eras 6 ,7 and 9 , the last being EWS the Class 37 being Eras 6 and 9 (EWS) . Only 2 class 37s out of a myriad of possible schemes . I’d be very disappointed if there wasn’t a large logo one in there . If you want to achieve a return from tooling Hornby , why only 2 models ……daft ! Also the fact that the 31 is listed suggests it’s gone up the pecking order - I wonder why that would have been? Other models are listed Britannia , Black5 ,J94 and 57xx in steam and 47,60,67,73 and Hitachi 800 in D&E . To me this is disappointing as it looks like the 47 is in with the rest as a footnote . When can we expect to see that 2028, 2030? I do still think it would have made much more sense having the 37 and 47 instead of the 50 . Oh well ! A few track plans listed .
  11. We could do with some joined up thinking . For instance when the Hornby TT120 class 37 turns up 18 months - 2 years time it would be good to have blue grey mk1s . At the same time Peco could scale down their current OO laser cut West Highland Buildings . Rannoch in TT120 ……..mmmmmm
  12. It’s a crowded market place out there . That’s the reason that Hornby went TT120 to create a new market and make a bigger return . The problem Hornby have is that they do seem to have limited manufacturing slots or capacity . So in these circumstances it’s quite possible some one could come in and dabble in TT120 . Heljan is the obvious one and I still think the 31 could still be a goer or maybe a 20 or 25 . The question for them is would they make more money out of a TT120 model than produce yet another variant of an OO model . I suppose the tooling and CAD costs would be similar , so it comes down to how many they could sell . Another OO 25,26.27,28.33,45,47 anyone ……or could we make more money on a TT 20/25/31 ?
  13. I think we would all want items released a little quicker. To get that critical mass into the scale . As I’ve said before I’m waiting for the 37 and 47to go with HST and 08 . But I think 18 months in you have to give credit to Hornby . They have succeeded in introducing 4 new locos , with the HST being the 4th with the 50 one month away (5th)and the Duchess (6th) following behind . To me one of the most successful launches was Mainline railways in 1976 , but even there the two steam locos were available only 1 year in (J72 and 4MT ) . It took until Jan 78 , so 22 months from launch to get the 45 .So I think Hornby are not doing too badly . Of course this is a new gauge and not a new range in an existing gauge like Mainline was .
  14. Is this an April Fool ? Seriously pacers on Fort William to Mallaig . How to lose the market in one go
  15. The Barrhead line formerly operated by 156s went over to electric in December . East Kilbride trains are currently 4 car only because of platform alterations - so I’m hoping 156s are available . To be honest my idea of a heritage train is compartments so the Jacobite with its SOs wouldn’t have done much for me ( neither will mk 2 or 3s unless done to Pullman standard) so I’d be happy with extra Scotrail services in WCRC paths .
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