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The George Inn 2

Job's Modelling


I have finished the Austin A70 Countryman. Lovely kit from John Day but takes some time to paint. I’m pleased with the result.


I have finished the diorama of The George Inn. The base of the diorama is 27 cm. I used some figures I had already painted and some I have used before.


The story behind the diorama:

The car belongs to Ernest Huntington. He is the current owner of Sweetman House in Littleworth. He has also a kennel with pointers. His wife is Julia Adderley. She is the sister of Andrew Adderley. Andrew Adderley is the owner of Adderley Glass Works in Northall.



Adderley Glass Works - Nice Street in Northall


His daughter Marian Adderley is visiting her uncle and aunt for a week during her summer holidays.

Ernest Huntington is reading the new menu information next to the door of the George Inn. He has his favourite dog Fetch with him.




She has a lot of energy and loves to play outside.



For the base I have to thank my friend Nico. He is a frame worker and helped me to realise it.


Suggestions, comments etc are welcome.


Thanks for reading.





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As usual, splendid modelling and 'back story'.  All too often, model cars let the side down in small scales but your A70 looks very good, especially when parked outside the George.  I like the picture-frame base, which completes the scene very well.

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At a more arrogant age (he was about 13 and therefore did know everything) my son was having a bit of a laugh at dad’s expense, “playing trains”.


I pointed out that creating a credible miniature world required rather more of quite a few positive characteristics than being a passive consumer of PlayStation football, which was his obsession of the day.  



back in




Happily, he’s now at University studying Mechanical Engineering, though I doubt he’ll apply it to railways.




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Thank you for your compliments. I have already made a choice for a new project. Will try to show you my process in creating a little diorama


.Little_Acorns_School_House_Made_Up_Unpainted_Straight_On_1-76th.jpg.7fb72a0c38b121bd89d71eb43f041806.jpg Petite Properties "Little Acorns School"

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