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Johnson Street IEMD: Loco fleet Update - 13th April 2020 - Bachmann DB 66065 - In DB Cargo red

Johnson Street IEMD


13th April 2020


I hope all who read this are well and staying safe in doors as much as is possible.


So, a while back, Bachmann released the Ex-EWS DB Class 66, 66065, which I thought i'd get, when the right opportunity presented it, for those who read my posts, I love liveries in the here and now, not all liveries, its a very subjective and personal topic. I always loved EWS and never really got up close with the railways as it was being phased out and a result of the change over to DB some examples, mainly Class 66s got the transitional livery, whats been termed Ex-EWS DB. the main examples of this, are 60065, 90037 and a number of 66s, most notably 66065. Having got 66065 a few months later, but not long afterwards, it got the DB treatment at Toton, it's now my intention to get another example of this next year, and have it numbered into one of the remaining ex-EWS 66s, i quite like the number 111, getting back to 66065 and having designated a second DB Cargo Class 66 to add to 66009, currently sound fitted and having had 66136 in YIWU for a while back, but wanting a non fancy version of this, i decided to get my second DB Cargo Class 66 numbered into 66065. Well, after an age to get it sorted it's now in DB red and when the whole thing going on in the world settles down, it has a sound unit waiting for it.


I now have several DB large logo locos in my fleet @johnsonstreetIEMD


60100 - Hornby DCC Sound

66009 - Bachmann DCC Sound

66065 - soon to be Bachmann DCC Sound

67028 - Hornby DCC ready (to get Hornby TTS treatment in 2021)

90028 - Bachmann DCC sound



Bachmann DB Cargo 66009 & 66065 - 5 - RMwebversion.jpg

Bachmann DB Cargo 66009 & 66065 - 4 - RMwebversion.jpg

Bachmann DB Cargo 66009 & 66065 - 3 - RMwebversion.jpg

Bachmann DB Cargo 66009 & 66065 - 2 - RMwebversion.jpg


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