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Johnson Street IEMD: Loco Update: June 2020 - DB 67028 gets TTS Sound and loco plans

Johnson Street IEMD


I have recently stumbled across the opportunity to get one of my locos, DB 67028 sound fitted,


The Class 67 is really just on my layout, to blend in, it's a DB mainstay, like it or not, and okay, so i don't, being a 90 fan and electrics in general and i hate the idea of the 67 getting work ahead of a 90 but there will be jobs outside the electric network that a 90 cant do, that a 67 can when the other 60s and 66s dont get tasked with, so thats why god made 67s. 


My stable of DB locos are all nicely sound fitted, i just need to get Johnson Street IEMD sorted and ready for maintaining a largely electric fleet. It's my intention to acquire at least one Accurascales Class 92 in a DB livery of one kind or another and whilst i like large logo DB livery, there is only one 92 in this livery, 92015 and it's YIWU branded so I think mine is more likely to be the more popular EWS beastie logo'd example, which will be pretty popular on alot of modern era layouts and is still in use on HS1 today. 


I do also like the idea of having a little creative expression, that will in all likelyhood come in the form of a yard shunter in the form of an 86 or 90 in DB ? I'd love to see DB acquire a couple from Freightliner when they start introducing their ex-GA 90s to the FL90 pool. They may still have the expertise at Crewe to maintain them and the Freightliner people just around the corner at Basford Hall could assist if need be. 


This means only one of my locos is still to be sound fitted, 

67028 in lane 2 and 60100 in lane 3 during the snagging visit by the DB team - with the DB van to the left.jpg

67028 and 60100 getting ready to depart Johnson Street IEMD.jpg

DB site inspection team passing by the regional office.jpg

setting the backdrop.jpg


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