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Big job ticked off.



If I had one big job left that I wasn’t looking forward to it was the gantry, last night I bit the bullet and finished it this afternoon.

Maybe a bit heavy weathering on the gantry, and the bases need to be merged in. I cut some cartridge paper into strips and glued them to the dowel at what seemed suitable spacing before painting it white and applying the rust.



Thanks for looking.

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Would we expect to see weathering a bit more concentrated above each of the three tracks where trains have passed under and deposited smoke? 


Also where the pipe goes through the wall, a bit of flashing may help. 


I'm being super-critical .....what you've done is great.

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That looks superb. I think the way you paint the rust patches is excellent. Just needs a few streaks down the wall where the frame meets it. Great work.

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Thanks both of you for your kind comments. I hadn’t thought of any of these and my thoughts on the pipe entry were a bit clumsy in comparison.


Motivated now to get this finished!


Thanks again.

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