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Dunwich Ales




It’s not quite there yet but it’s close. The sign came out okay, but getting it to look right took a bit. Water tower and canopy were attached today along with the finished roof but there’s still one to do. I repainted the gantry to tone in a bit more. The goods platform will be an L shape going around the left end. I’m aiming for the weekend to finish this, so add another week!


Thanks for looking.

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I’m sorry but all I can tell you is it’s Hornby. I picked it up at a car boot and it needs couplings. Afraid I can’t be of any more help.



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Thx, that's great, now I know they exist, tracked one down on the Internet. I'm always attracted by any title with "brewing" in it, fine modelling.

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I really like the tweaks you've made to the Metcalfe brewery building: the new finish to the hoist completely changes the character (from the pale blue planking of the original) and the corner buttresses give it more of a family resemblance to the more modern warehouse and factory kits.  Food for thought for my own modifications!


Steve S

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Glad I could help and thanks for the comments. I saw your earlier post Steve, I think you got your answer, it’s scalescenes clapboard glued onto mountboard, then I cut single strips to add the details and deepen the shadow underneath with humbrol smoke weathering powder.


Thanks again.

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