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Episode 4 - Adventures in Refinement 2



The intermediate station, I think, needs the most work.  Based on Kirkby Stephen, albeit on a single track line, it' s the single track part that is causing me deliberations.  A milk loading siding has been added. Buildings will be Metcalfe S&C initially, pending an aspiration to design and build etched brass buildings in the future.:




I'm unsure whether to put a facing crossover in where the red circle is to allow a goods train to be overtaken, for instance, or two allow a goods train being shunted to be left  in the loop that the crossover would create.   I'm also unsure about whether to elongate the stub at the blue circle, into a proper headshunt onto the viaduct. Otherwise shunting would require the train being shunted being brought out onto the main line.  It's not that busy a line, but I'm not sure that wouldn't jar with me.  Despite being single track, it's still a mainline, akin to the Highland line between Stanley Junction and Inverness.


I've no idea, really, how to signal this station, so that's something I'll need to look into.


The viaduct will most likely be built from ratio viaduct kits, and I had contemplated sawing the deck in half to make it single track, but I wouldn't need to do that if I lay a headshunt.  I'd need to see if this type of track layout existed in the real world ( I can only think of Bewdley off the top of my head, but that twas double track rather than a single line and a headshunt.)


Dark green is higher than light green, and I am inclined to make the light green moorland beneath the viaduct, but that poses a problem for the backscene, so it may just that the viaduct cuts across a steep hillside slope

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