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  1. This page here seems to list a few WHL 24 operations based on personal observations: https://leightonlists.com/class-24s-in-scotland/ Best Scott.
  2. There's a possibility that this could be another one?: This image here from 1975 appears to show some discoloration to the connected door plate, as if had had a repaint?:
  3. Take a look at Aberdeen Kirkhill, perhaps it might inspire. This is a carriage/motive power stabling/servicing location with a twin track mainline running past. It is 4mm scale on OO gauge track It is 29ft by 10ft in 4mm/OO, so circa 15ft by 5ft in 2mm/N Best Scott
  4. When I spoke to them a couple of times at a couple of shows, this was what they intimated was their preferred approach. The suggestion was for larger production runs, with wagons bundled like Kato do with their bookcase packaging. I'd be quite interested in the HUO/HTO, Coil A, MDO if they did them that way. Best Scott.
  5. Fran; This was the point I was trying to make. Best Scott.
  6. This is simply outstanding modelling! Really inspirational stuff. Best Scott.
  7. Unfortunately, my work gateway blocks access to that site...
  8. I have no skin in this game at all, but according to Fran, there was a breakdown of secrecy..: ...which would indicate that any "blame" (if that's what people are apportioning) for duplication, isn't entirely fairly to be lain at Accurascale's door. at the very least, the other party knew about the AS project. For clarity I have no opinion on the duplication issue. best Scott.
  9. Thanks for that, not sure why the whole link didn't copy over. I've amended my post. Best Scott.
  10. It's not so much the lack of head leaning that would influence me, it's more the £49.50 ticket price (each) that would put me off. Whilst I'm not denying the realities of running costs, it becomes a very expensive proposition for a day out, and value for money needs to be considered (of which, everyone's evaluation will be different). Unfortunately, living in Aberdeenshire, the 12month validity is rather superfluous for me. Best Scott.
  11. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. Best Scott.
  12. Just thinking out loud. Could a small camera (s) be an option. I know some people use vehicle parking cameras for line of sight in fiddle yards. Would it be possible to build the overall roof you'd really like, and incorporate a camera somewhere out of sight to allow you to see the uncoupling area? It's maybe a bit elaborate for what you want, but as I say, just thinking out loud... Best Scott.
  13. For uncoupling, potentially the diode idea has merit, although my limited electronics knowledge would suggest it would only work for a DC control system. The engine would stop when passing the gap in the rail. If you positioned the magnet correctly, when you saw the train stop, you reverse the locomotive slightly to allow the Dapol couplers to part , et voila, the train is uncoupled. That said, you've been adding sound to your motive power so maybe you are DCC. However, if DCC, you could bridge the gap with a switch. Switch off, and the engine stops when crossing the gap; switch subsequently on allows the engine to perform the slight reverse/uncouple movement. The only issue is the sound would cease and you'd have to go through the start up rigmarole again...so maybe a non-starter. At least that's what I think off the top of my head. Regardless, it's good to see you posting on this thread again. Best Scott.
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