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Fisherman cottages

Job's Modelling


I finished my row of cottages. I used the kit T019 Row of Cottages from Scalescenes.

I used the 2 kits: the TX 07 aged brown brick and the TX47 Coursed rubble.

The Scalescenes textures are used for the wall, the lintels, the gutter, the downpipe, the roof base and the chimneys.

I did not want to use white window frames. The alternative choice were the windows from the small cottage kit from Smart Models. I used the black and blue window frames. For the roof I also used a slate roof texture from Smart Models.

Doors, the net curtains and some of the curtains I created myself using pictures from internet. The were made to size and sometimes I altered the colour a little bit.

Chimney pot are from Dart Castings and Smart Models.

The coursed rubble is scribed using an embossing pen. There is a light weathering on some parts.

The roof is more weathered. I toned down the whole roof with a neutral grey pastel from Schminke.

And I weathered the roof further with a chromium oxide green (Schminke) and a yellow ochre (Rembrandt). For the weathering of the chimneys I uses a dark neutral grey, looks more brown (Schminke)


The cottages will be used in a small diorama based on a short story from Agatha Christie.. I will publish this when finished.



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5 hours ago, Mikkel said:

Mikkel said:

Oh yes, very effective walls. The whole model has a sort of subdued and restrained look to it, which I really like. Great colour balancing, including the doors and curtains.

Job, have you seen Terry's blog, I think you would be interested:


Sorry I made a mistake and deleted your comment. But I already clicked on quote so it is still here.

But I will thank you for your comment. Pleased to hear that you liked my colour approach.

I had a look at the blog of Col. Stephens. I will follow that one with interest.



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