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card modeled diorama's of a fictive neighbourhoud

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Fisherman cottages

I finished my row of cottages. I used the kit T019 Row of Cottages from Scalescenes. I used the 2 kits: the TX 07 aged brown brick and the TX47 Coursed rubble. The Scalescenes textures are used for the wall, the lintels, the gutter, the downpipe, the roof base and the chimneys. I did not want to use white window frames. The alternative choice were the windows from the small cottage kit from Smart Models. I used the black and blue window frames. For the roof I also used a slate roo

Apple Tree Cottage

Although it is been quite silent from my side, I’m still modeling.   After I had finished Rose Cottage I build Apple Tree Cottage. Apple Tree Cottage is the premises of the Hinchliffe sisters.   They do some small village farming: a small apple orchard and some pigs. In the picture some pig food will be delivered using a Austin A70 pick up. The car is a John Day Model.   According to my research the sisters Hinchliffe had a small car. From my collec

Job's Modelling

Job's Modelling in Styles St. Mary

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