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All-American Railroad Show, Part 1




I'm back.   Lack of blogging is resultant of new phones that my boxes won't detect as drives, & use of a fancy new Canon DSLR that I've been too lazy to pick files from.  I have a series of shots from the last show I'll publish in the next few posts, dependent on my file size.   

IMG_0033.jpg.09609498b3d356e58bf7025bf8823cf5.jpgIMG_0034.jpg.0289d76bfcd91da3993c6e34e6dacaa2.jpgIMG_0035.jpg.7d87c962963da6bd9e37d445297066e5.jpgIMG_0036.jpg.1d0324157b78a306f001192495e0add1.jpgHere I have a couple of shots of our new club T Trak layout.   All Metcalfe I think for the buildings.   Given my somewhat vast 1930's stock collection, I haven't done jack for this layout.  Happy we have it, though.   When Baltic birch becomes available again, I'll pick up a couple of kits to add to the set.



And an obligatory shot of a member's private tram layout.  An actual Englishman built it.  More of a sceneryman than a stockman.  I think all his trams are powered by another gentleman on his behalf.


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