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Two Shay! Part 2




My two shays are progressing well, so I thought I would show you what I have done.




I thought I would add railings to number 1s bunker, this involved cutting the flair (?) off. ohmy.gif




Backwoods parts added to the bunker ready for the paint shop.




After a coat of black paint. I still need to add a wood load, but as I have never made one before, can anyone give me some tips on how to make a half decent one?




Number 3 is looking good. It now has a westinghouse pump and condenser fitted.




This side shows the westinghouse pump.


After fitting these, (and a bit of weathering) I thought I would give it a test run. To find one of the rear trucks gears had split mellow.gif :




Luckily I have a spare one, but I dont know if I should fit it or try and fix the current one.




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Nice Job with the locomotives with the split truck might be better to fit the spare whilst you try to fix the broken one at this the locomotive is still available for service

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