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I smell something fishy...

James Hilton



I spent a cold evening earlier in the week gluing my fingers together...


Exactoscale do some nice moulded plastic fishplates. When I placed my P4 order a few months ago I picked up an extra pack to use on Paxton Road. I finally got around to fitting them this week and after a dab of paint to blend them into the existing trackwork I grabbed a few snaps.






I think they are really effective and it does go to show that with realistic weathering and extra detailing you can make Peco Code 75 appear very good indeed.


If you look closely, leaning up against the Portakabin in the final shot, a half finished scratchbuilt BMX. It still needs cranks, chainwheel, chain and a saddle making up! (I must be mad). I'm not 100% happy with the bars/stem either, so might re-work that area.





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Very effective! It may be a trick of the light or camera angle, but do the inside fishplates foul the running wheels?


Your other blogs are always interesting too smile.gif




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They do foul ever so slightly because the Peco fishplates underneath mean they sit a little high. It doesn't lift the stock though, just causes a slight 'click' (which is actually quite realistic). Next time I'd fit them instead of Peco fishplates, and just bond each section to the wiring bus! :)

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The track looks wonderful.

I particurlarly like the colour of the sleepers but maybe something could be done to make the a tad browner and woodier?


That mainline 37 looks lovely as always.


Very well done and well worth it.




Thanks Lukasz. I've been pondering your colouring question. I'm quite happy with the colouring myself - I wonder if it's because I've used brown ballast (typical of the Southern region I've found in pictures) that the eye thinks the sleepers look grey?


The sleepers are painted with, wait for it, yup you guessed it, Humbrol 98. I think that's why all my stuff ties together so nicely. A common pallette for weathering!

The rails sides are picked out with different colours too - if you look at the mainline the running lines often seem lighter and rustier orange then sidings where the track can get quite dark.

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Hi James


The fish plates really do finish off the track very nicely. They even look slightly shiny as if they are all greased up like on the 12" to foot version.


It is these small but so important finishing touches that make things look so good and worth the effort.



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