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James Hilton


I was a little worried after reading some comments relating to fitting the Black Beetle to the Sentinel...


I knew it wasn't designed for the Black Beetle, however, I was a little confused because to me, looking at it, the modifications required didn't look difficult at all - although I suppose they are quite severe! The Judith Edge Sentinel is designed to use a Tenshodo Spud which has 10mm wheels so sits a lot lower than the 12.5mm wheels and the Black Beetle. As a result the mounting plate I think is going to need some serious modification. For now I wanted to get the ride height right. It looked as if the top face of the Black Beetle was about right - so if I could thin down the centre boss raised section I could get it to fit.



However the pick ups are wired from above - which would cause an issue with shorts, and perhaps even take up too much space...

So out came the soldering iron and I un-soldered the motor connections from the pick ups. These were then pulled through to the underside of the bogie and snipped off clean. Then with an Exacto razor saw I cut along level with the top of the bogie into the centre raised section - about 1.5mm. I then used a knife to slice down vertically and remove a sliver of material. I repeated for the other side... and then offered it up to the chassis - and it fits! Perfect ride height from the looks of the side frame axle box covers!




Eagle eyed readers will notice the chassis has progressed further as well! I spent a fun evening on Thursday soldering tiny foot steps together and then trying to get them fitted without un-soldering! I'm happy with the result, but it's not hugely neat - another area I improved as I did each one! I've also added the cosmetic side frames. Next up I think are the buffer beams.




I received a parcel from Kernow Model Centre too this week - fantastic service - 24 hour turn around and on my door step in 2 days. Inside was a selection of plasticard sheet and struts (for the engine shed), a Bachmann TTA (to be my first P4 wagon - I'm planning on springing this!) and an Oxford Diecast Escort XR3i - as described in 'inspiration'.

I've eased out the wheels on the TTA so it sits on P4 track for now - just for visual purposes. This is going to get a make over with an etched brass roof walkway and ladders, and the correct Brunninghaus suspension.


Here it is posed with the Sentinel chassis, to show just how tiny the Sentinel is in comparison to what is really quite a small tanker.


I had an hour or so to kill last night so thought the Escort would benefit from a little work - mostly with matt black paint around the windows and bumpers - plus touching up the indicators. I also added a wash to the alloys to add a little depth. Whilst I was it I sliced off the mounting bosses on the underside, and added a .45mm exhaust pipe! By extending the black along the top side of the windows slightly I think the visual impression of the car is much improved. I've also added black along the lower edges to represent the plastic trim along these edges as well. I'll get around to fitting some wing mirrors at some point! Anyway a few photos of the work completed...




and then posed it on Paxton Road for a few snaps as well!




Questions, comments and encouragement welcomed! I'm seriously thinking that this should become my 2010 challenge entry!



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nice one james, where did you get it and great enhancing work, reminds me of my old XR  :D :D





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Thanks Neil - Picked it up from Kernow Model Centre on mail order - first time I've used them, and a very professional service :)

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Hi James. Those beetles really are clever little things, wish there was some use for them on steam locos!


The Escort looks good, and I'm looking forward to seeing the bike finished. Unless of course it's been vandalized!smile.gif



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