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Tay Bridge



My brother finally shamed me into doing some detailing of my locos including weathering of some. I have decided to have a mix of lightly weathered, the odd filthy one and some pristine examples. I have also begun the task of weathering my limited coaching stock. I have weathered a Bachmann Mk1 Brk as I remember one at Perth 'behind the wall' that was pretty dirty. I have also lightly weathered my Mk3 Sleepers. (Photos of that one later.

Recent purchases following sale of my Olivia's Deltic have included some ground signals for installation round depot. I have also purchased my first DCC accessories controller to control these. That will be an interesting wiring task.unsure.gif


I have also installed a Bachmann Power Booster. This has led to better sounds and lights and has all but eliminated locos stalling.


On the scenery front I have decided to start again with some of the ballasting around the depot entrance tracks. OO scale ballst frankly looks like moonrocks on photos. You would need some serious boots to climb over these! So I have bought some N gauge fine ballast to re do it. Sigh! rolleyes.gif I will also take the opportunity when everything is off tha layout to paint some track grime that will look better than the current 'loud' rust and smooth some plaster to get that flat grimy look around depots. Current stuff just not doing it. Best to sort it now before scenery detailing begins in a serious way.


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Guest jim s-w




If I am honest its a bit heavy - the trick with weathering and getting it to look real is not actually spraying the dirt on but cleaning it off. Try using a cotton but with clean thinners to wipe most of what you have done off, just leaving the dirt in areas where it naturally accumulates.







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Good call

Will try that...need to sneak in a steal some of SWMBO's cotton buds!


Like the idea. Will try out on my practice loco first to get technique right.

Will post resultsunsure.gif

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Have done as you suggested. Took a while but you are quite correct it does look much better. Particularly the Deltic and my 40 and the Mk1 brake with dirt indeed left where it gathers. Will try and post a couple of photos later.





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