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GT3 and 72XX progress



Well, for one reason or another I have not got a lot done recently or posted very much here on RM Web. I have, in the past 6 weeks made a little progress on a few projects however. My GT3 has got to the stage of painting, well primer at least, but will need some work still to sort out the blemishes the primer is showing up.




I went on the Missenden Abbey weekend again this year and made some significant progress with my PDK 72XX kit.




Hopefully I will get more time available to me now to complete some projects, for the past 12 months I have been making the trip up and down to Cornwall from Bucks about twice a month to visit my mother who was ill, however she has past away now so I will have some more time on my hands - once I've got some of the jobs around the house cleared from my wife's list.




I completely forgot about another project I started, it was meant to be something fairly quick to just keep up the momentum. However it was after I had got to this stage, shown below, that I realized I had twisted the footplate when I soldered the tank sides on.




I think this one is destined to be dropped in a bowl of hot water and I'll start again. Still it was only one evenings work.

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Hi Mark,


Sorry to hear about your mother.


GT3 looks good and from what I saw of it at the club a couple of weeks ago, it runs well! The 72xx is coming along nicely as well.


They'll both look good when there finished



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What on earth is the third one meant to be? :blink:


It's GWR no. 802, an Ex Rhondda and Swansea Bay tank loco, built by Beyer Peacock. I picked it up last year at Aley Pally. I had a thread in the old RMWeb discussing the origin of the kit. Probably not the best kit in the world, but a nice little tank loco.



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