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Road Bridge pt 3

The Fatadder


Final progress before I head off to Tignes & Val D'isere for a week.


The bridge is coming along very nicely. Starting of with the deck, this is 80thou plasticard glued into position with Evostick. It was glued roughly into the centre of the bridge structure with a 10mm gap either side (simply because it wasnt wide enough!) pavements were added from more 80thou (giving a 6inch curb) this had curb stones carved into the edge before gluing into place.

Once that was dry the next step was to add the core for the wing wall and the pillar where the brick sticks out further, both were added from 40thou plasticard.


Next was a start on the cladding, as previously mentioned its a combination of English and Flemmish bond brickwork. I started off with the lower 4ft, gluing a strip onto the bottom edge. This was followed by adding the arch, formed by gluing the brick sheet onto the formers and then once dry cutting back to get a flush joint.


The frontage section of brickwork was then added, this was a bit tricky to get the curve exactly right as it has had to cope with the variance between the drawing and the radius of the arch cut. At the moment it does look like it may be skewed to one side, but if that does cause a problem with the next step I have a cunning plan to hide it.....


The next step on the front is going to be finishing off adding hte brick that forms the arch, this was added by cutting individual lines of bricks and gluing into place. Another 5 or 6 rows are still required....

If an extra row is needed on the right hand side (as I suspect it might) it will be hidden by one of the large metal plates present on the prototype.


Other work planned when I get back is a repeat of the wing wall construction for the left hand side, and then repeating it all again for the back. I have decided that since a possible extension for the layout will be another board modelling the other half of the station through to the next bridge (ala Botley) I may as well model the whole thing correctly now rather than my usual only model the secinic side.



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