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Extreme Etchings - more class 50s



Goodevening -

At Alexandra Palace Brian Hanson gave me some new class 50 bits to try - first up , a set of etchings for the exhausts - this corrects the panel on the Hornby model which is too long - theres also a pair of surrounds for the other two exhaust ports.




heres the panel rolled to shape and fitted with Devcon - theres two small etches to add which I've attached with gloss varnish.



The replacement exhauts ports , fitted again with varnish. To remove the moulded ports i use a small block of plasticard , with wet n dry stuck one side with double side tape





very nice!


Next ill be fitting the new roof fan and grille -






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You thought the class 37 grille was fine smile.gif - the one for the 50 is so fine is almost invisible ohmy.gif - the mesh being exact scale size -

As a result it needs to be fitted when the loco is finished , as its so delicate , but more on that next time.

I fix small etches with Ronseal clear gloss - a thin smear on each surface - then leave for a few minutes so the varnish goes 'tacky' before fitting the parts . The same method also works well for fitting nameplates, (though i use PVA more for that now) as you get a bit of time to adjust things before they set.


back tomorrow - hopefully with the grille panel completed







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How cool do they look!cool.gif Do you remove the detail of the Hornby model at both ends? Roughly what size of plasticard do you add the wet and dry too?


I bought some of the extreme etched windscreens and can't wait to fit them, they look Superb.biggrin.gif However the whole fleet is in on hold until Brian releases all his parts for the 50. I will be stripping them and fitting the windscreens and nose curve in the mean time. Then as the parts are released and I get hold of them they will be added.


Looking forward to seeing the roof etch and which Vac your producing this time.






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Hi Mark - ill put up some pictures of my little sanding block this evening - to fit these etches the raised detail needs to completely removed from the roof. This loco was intended to be a donor to become 50010 Monarch, modelled as dumped at laira , but ill have to change that now , as monarch didnt have a roof , let alone an accurate roofbiggrin.gif

So - i've had a minor reshuffle of my 50 fleet, . I have Vanguard in Revised NSE light blue with ploughs. Technically this is wrong for my period so will be renumbering this to '001' and removing the ploughs. The large logo model shown here will inheret the snowploughs and become 50036. I will then use another loco to re-do vanguard in Revised NSE dark blue, with the big logos on its headcode boxcool.gif It the same time ill be joined by 'lusty . Im looking at using a lima shell to do Monarch.

I modelled 50036 a few years ago - it was one of my first 50s so not up to the standard of my other locos now and has a few errors . The plan is to plod on and keep adding to the fleet untill i have all the 50s still listed in my old 1991 platform 5 book.


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Do the new No2 end exhaust ports go in the same location as the old ones?


Seem to have found a good number of photos showing the roof grill area, but very little showing the exhaust ports. Currently in the process of removing the existing detail ready to fit the etches...

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