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Op 14t Open Wagon – Underframe



Some time has passed since the last update mainly due to no work actually being undertaken all thanks to a lingering cold. However getting back into the project and noticed something.




Whilst trying to identify the various markings on the underframe I noticed I had made a bit of a boo boo. I had made the assumption that the underframe sides were mirror images when in fact they are handed. This becomes apparent in the location of the various markings.

Unlike British rolling stock which locates its data TOPs panels and other various markings on the same location on the side of the wagon no matter which side you look at, the Op wagons are different. The markings are located on the relevant body panel as dictated by the spaces available e.g. large data panel goes on the large panel avaliable. Noting this is became clear that the underframe as constructed was wrong and needed correcting.


Although initially the doom and gloom clouds came over and a review of the problem indicated that it was simply nothing more than a drill cut and file out job and adding plasticard where there wasnt.


Meanwhile work continues on the underframe and the first side of the suspension units is complete. I’m not sure if they look substantial enough and will wait and see what they look like once the axle boxes have been fabricated.



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