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Slightly less burning flesh......



One advantage of soldering the upper superstructure is the absence of very large bits of brass that act as heatsinks (and heatstores). The fuel tank and end panel have been added with a minor bit of fettling around the edges. Judith Edge kits are well engineered and for a competent etched kit builder should present no problem whatsoever. I quite like building Edge etched kits with about 10 complete so far and another 5 including this one on the "to-do/finish" shelf. The Bullant power unit has had a couple of wires attached to the pickups and running in has commenced. After about 15 mins each way, it's already sounding sweeter. Also during this process, the wheels have been painted, simply by holding a loaded brush to the rotating wheels!



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Guest Oversetts Models


looking good mick,what paint job will she be getting? regards,bob

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looking good mick,what paint job will she be getting? regards,bob


Dunno yet. I'm looking into light/sound fitting it at the mo. Likely to be a bright colour with lots of Fox stripes! It'll probably have a couple of amber flashing lights also to comply with elf n safety.




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Guest Oversetts Models


How about the bardon qaurry livery with the " sorry for the delay" sign on the side as it's blocked the road pushing hoppers into the qaurry!

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