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Getting back to Work



Well we've been moved almost three months now and tonight was the first night I've done any modelling - althoug whether you can call daubing a bit of paint about modelling is questionable.


I've not been idle the last three months, but unfortunately other things have been keeping me busy. Including trying to sort out the garden (it now looks like the Somme - whatever happened to GroundForce - I must have a birthday surprise coming up), extending the old pond, starting a new one. Once we can afford some bricks I'm going to have a go at building some brick walls. I've already built some breeze block walls for the new pond. It must be the builder gene I've inherited from my father. I only hope it looks alright when they done.


I've also investigated the cost of a new shed the size I can fit in is about 16ft by 24ft, and a local firm can supply one for £2,000 (that was before the VAT increase). So I've got a lot of saving up to do. Although I'm currently thinking about having a go at building it myself - subject to planning and building control huh.gif


But the reason for tonight's modelling is to keep me off ebay. I'm spending far too much on things I WANT (in fact I don't know how I've managed to live without them all this time). So far I've bought a K's 42xx kit, lots of ratio canopy kits a lot of engines (well Brackhampton will be a busy station) and lots of scalelink cars and vans and coach kits.


I've also bought a couple of the old Graham Farish composite suburban coaches. I think with a repaint, new underframe, detailed ends and roof , I might make a passable representation of a GWR 55ft suburban all third. I'll let you know how I get on.


Anyway I've been daubing the brick colour on the station building, some touching up to do and then it needs a lot of weathering to capture all that city centre grime so redolent of the 50's. Hopefully I can get some actual modelling done soon and start on the attic storeys. I'm experimenting with a hand drill and some double sided sticky tape to try and get all the arches equal, but more of that later.


So to the photos.


A couple of the front



and two close ups of the Snow Hill end pavilion. The columns are made from ink cartridges and the capitals are made from milliput (still got four more to make)



now the Snow Hill side




The concourse side, I made a start on the ticket office side before moving, and the arches have all been cut out but a long way to go yet.




and that just leaves the Livery Street side.




Finally I've been trying to decipher the platform signs which hung at end side of the concourse on the original Snow Hill, I've got two decent photos of the one for London bound trains but only one photo of the one for North bound trains. I've guessed most of the destinations but two remain a puzzle, I think they are "Manchester" and "Crewe", but I wasn't aware that those towns were served by the GWR, of course it could have been through trains. A colleague whose father travelled from the station has said her father thinks I'm right but if anyone can give confirmation I'd be grateful.


Regards Rovexbiggrin.gif


Edit - having just checked my reference material, it lloks like the hotel was faced in white brick (######angry.gif ), so I might spray it all white again and then give it plenty of dirty black washes for the soot, more so perhaps on the brickwork. If I do I'll leave the back brick colour as the Victorians tended to user cheaper materials round the back where it didn't show. ###### again.


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Hello Rovex smile.gif


Thats a very impressive building you have made there, its a fantastic bit of work. I persoanlly think it looks nicer with the red brick but as you say if the prototype used white brick then white it shall be! The weathering is going to becomme very important as you will have to loose that 'plasticard' feel to it.


Missy smile.gif

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I grew up in Birmingham and remember the old Snow Hill. How on earth did you construct them - what great models.



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Well, the station hotel is a bit of a botch job. A search of the city archves at Birmingham Central Library provided absolutely no information whatsoever, as the railways were exempt from the usual planning laws at the time.


So as I wasn't going to be able to make an accurate model I went for something that would be a fair representation. The basis for this model is a Vollmer kit which gave me the window surrounds, the rest was a matter of trial and error to work out what would work before I started. I would like to build a representation of the front of the old Great Western Arcade which as you will know stood oposite the hotel before being bombed in the last war. However again this is only going to be representational as I can only find one partial photo and a victorian sketch. However the archives may have something on this, so maybe another trip to the Brum.


Thanks for the comments by the way, its always gratifying when someone who knows the building your trying to model recognises it.



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