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Festival of Tramway Modelling.......

Red Devil



Last Saturday and Sunday saw 'Grime Street' at the Festival of Tramway modelling show in Manchester, this featured tram models from 3/4" scale down to 'N' gauge. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos, the camera was stashed in my stock box all weekend. However Paul (PLD) has sent me a few over.....phew!


Saturday was pretty busy all day long, fortunately I had a guest operator (I was on my own otherwise), taking time out from the cockpit of the 'Stealth Bomber' Paul found 'Grime Street' a doddle to run, so much so that after about 10 mins he had it running far better than me! Thanks again, Paul really appreciated all the help.


Apart from an occasional minor fault with one section switch all went well, running of the fleet now all the Halling trucks have been fitted and run in was pretty much flawless, couple of minor issues with pick ups, but easily sorted. It seemed to be pretty well received, a good number of visitors guessing the 'location' without any prompting. It was also nice to speak to a number of people who have read my ramblings on here!


All in all a good weekend, nice to see a what else is out there too.


Pics (all by Paul Derrick)




Works Car 4a and Feltham




Feltham awaiting custom




Austerity Car 275 approaching stop




Yours truly, a study in concentration!


So, what's next? Well I got an ABS kit of works car 6, so there's that and Tramalan 601 to build, work continues on the 600 and 301 masters. The chassis is here for tower car 2, I need to finish off my Chris Cornell Pilcher, Chris also brought over his built up etched brass Convert car 275 (ex119a) which was running round looking very 'at home' so much so I really fancy one of them. So not a lot really! Oh aye, extensions, Midd bogies, Lance Corps etc.........!


Full size stuff..... The weekend before, Mrs Red Devil had decided we were off to Glasgow, so enroute we called in at the Museum of Scottish Industrial Life at Summerlee, this place is well worth a look, free entry, so an absolute bargain, Tram Rides were all of £1 and both Lanarkshire 53 and Glasgow 1017 were in service. This place is also home to part of the Glasgow 'Blue Train' set, which to be honest looked a bit uncared for, with all it's windows covered in steel sheeting, don't know what the plans are for it, not the easiest thing to preserve I suppose.


Forgot to charge the camera...(theme developing here) so a couple of phone pics







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Glad I was able to see the layout 'in person' at the Festival. Superb atmoshpere, character, attention to detail and quality work - a good example of the potential that tramway modelling offers. May it continue to stimulate wider interest and inspire more modelling in the future.

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No problem Mark, - glad to be of help and it is easy compared to operating the SB fiddle-yards and you did a fine job of keeping the coffee flowing!!


Now get on with that extension wink.gif

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Engineer, glad you liked it, thanks for your kind comments, sorta makes it 'worthwhile'!


Paul, got o' level brewing up, dates back to the days of 40 fags and 10 brews a day, got rid of the nicotine habit, but the caffeine kick's still there!



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