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A short history of planning

Ian Holmes



I've been reviewing this section of my 4mm scale agonies blog


I can't believe that in the space of less than 2 years I came up with 20 schemes for layouts.

Looking at them all again after not having seen them together in a year makes me realize that I'd still like to model them. All the concepts, Nuclear flask terminal, scrapyard and of course the Haven.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so creative



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Ian I've glanced over your blog before now and thought - now there's a cool idea. I've not been quite so prolific in producing schemes but I can sympathise! It's great you share them with the world and I think I was most taken with the Nuclear terminal. I've still got a half built Ratio gantry crane ready for the 'one day' project.

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Thanks James.

Perhaps I can transfer the Nuclear flask terminal to the wilds of the Lincolnshire coast and make the concept workable

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