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  1. Some video discussion about the work
  2. So, after a few hours work I had a very workable looking N gauge point from Finetrax. Construction was simplicity itself. I even managed to solder the heels of the blades to the stubs of the pins that are a part of the tie bar arrangement. I had impressed myself. With that It was on to the 2mmFS society starter kit... With little competency in the black art of soldering I had no idea what to expect assembling the wagon chassis. Still emboldened by the 2mmFS society videos presented by Nick Mitchell on YouTube I plugged away. Watching a part of the video and then going back and copying what I had seen. I found the job somewhat easier than I expected. Sadly, I lost one axle box cover, springing out of my tweezers and into the carpet. Actually that happened twice, but I found it the first time after about 20 minutes searching. Second time no such luck. Some parts of the soldering were bit beyond my newly discovered skills, but so far, so good. The chassis is even free running. So much so that the wagon would move when trying to take this photograph. I'll put the buffers on when I get some superglue, and add a coat of paint. But right now I'm feeling really good about what I've done. I never considered that I would have the skills and abilities to do something like this. Perhaps with a bit more practice and experience, my work could be quite passable. Ian
  3. At last! the Summer 2024 issue of The Dispatch is here. Sorry for the delays. https://micromodelrailwaydispatch.com Ian
  4. Just as frustrating as modelling UK outline in the US…😆 Ian
  5. I'm taking a closer look at my Finetrax point and I notice the the sleeper base has a shiny finish to the webbing between the sleepers in places and is discoloured underneath (see pictures). Also the edges of the base are rather rounded in places. I take it this is not the normal finish. As this is going to be a test piece for my skills, I'm not too worried about the finish. It looks like most of these blemishes would disappear under ballasting anyway. If I was in the UK I would send it back. But being in the US that's just too much clat to go through.
  6. 2mm/2mm finescale is about the only scale that I haven't had any experience of in my years in the hobby, and lately I've seen some things that have interested me. So I'm thinking about trying it out to develop some new skills: Ian
  7. Some thoughts about 2mm finescale...
  8. Saw a type of US Railroad movement I've always want to see yesterday. Some street running. It was raining and I was beered up. But what a great sight.
  9. This weeks layout blog update. This will be the last one here, as I don't believe anyone on RMWeb views the channel. I have been told that I post tedious shite, so this will be it for a while
  10. This week I relate some comparisons (good and bad) between Slaters and Parkside O gauge wagon kits
  11. Lordy Lord! It's modelrailwaymonday! So that means another blogchat. In this one I discover an amazing tool that helps me build square baseboards
  12. I keep putting off baseboard construction... Ian
  13. It's #modelrailwaymonday and that means a new video blogchat on my YouTube channel. Including a new scenic Train storage set up. If you don't watch this video you will miss the most important development in micro layouts in the last seven days :D https://youtu.be/cfGjqgPsVMY
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