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Large logo, for the 20



This evening I have been playing with a logo, I already had a small version for the 25 which I enlarged to the right size. I then inverted the colours so the bit I wanted was white leaving the background grey. Finally I printed it on some white paper, self adhesive labels.




These were stuck on and given a coat of satin spray varnish to seal them.










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Looks very smart John - I'm still rather in awe of how fast you can make these. 


On the logo, it reads in the photo's like the left side is slightly longer than the right - I don't know if it is in real life (model or logo) but it might be worth checking out in detail?



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I think your right, the left does appear to be a touch longer. On the artwork I did they are the same size, but when I applied them I realised they were not long enough so extended them, I think I need to extend the right a touch more. Thanks for the comment.

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No worries, glad it helped. 


Do you just run the labels through the printer normally? I've never tried printing on anything but copier paper, but this seems like a really useful technique.



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Yes fed through my standard HP Inkjet.

The labels are on an A4 sheet and the combined backing sheet and label are not much thicker than good quality plain paper.

They are not as thin and invisible as a waterslide but at this scale the thickness is not really an issue.

They are really good in smaller scales for making signs ect. and cheap, I use staples own brand. I have also know people to print scalescenes stuff on full sheet labels and then stick it onto thicker card.

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