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Modern British N Gauge Workbench



I thought it was about time to post something online about my actual modelling projects. As my previous posts might suggest, my interests are pretty eclectic, but are all in 2mm/N. Basically while I don't really have the space or time for a layout quite yet, I have been working on stock for three broad themes:


1) GER pre-grouping in 2FS (2mm Finescale), most likely set in the period around 1915-1925


2) East Anglian mainline circa 1990-2000 in standard N


3) Scandinavian, particularly Swedish (some Danish), the same broad period 1990-2000


Here are some of the things I've been working on recently, and comments welcome!


Detailed and weathered Bachman\Farish Mk1 BG in Rail Express Systems livery. As the 57' full brake doesn't appear to amongst the models that Farish are planning for the new Mk1 model, I took the opportunity to buy some cheap examples in RES and Intercity Executive liveries. The BG is one of the better detailed models in the Farish mk1 range, with relief for door handles etc. However I found the handrails, noticeable on the real thing, a bit lacking, and replaced them with 0.3mm wire using a simple clear plasticard jig. I also fitted the Ultima detailing kit for the underframe.

blogentry-3740-016085200 1284302428_thumb.jpg


Detailed rake of Farish PGA hoppers, inspired by a motley collection that used to sit in the sand siding at Marks Tey. Five Bachmann\Farish PGA hoppers, one in VTG livery and four in ARC. All detailed with TPM detailing kit and weathered quite heavily over the original liveries. I'm not sure about the prototypical nature of having this combination together, but its what I had to hand! I'm also looking to get some of the British Industrial Sand wagons and appropriate detailing kits when Bachmann get the new batch in stock.

blogentry-3740-074067600 1284303545_thumb.jpg


N Gauge Society PNA wagon kits, completed basically following the instructions, but painted with a mix based on Phoenix Precision's BR(S) coaching stock green, rather than left as bare plastic. Lightly airbrush weathered with a mix of matt varnish and some Humbrol brown\tan. Like the PGAs these have been fitted with Microtrains couplings, although I haven't yet figured out a suitable uncoupling system!

blogentry-3740-054322000 1284303988_thumb.jpg

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