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  1. It's worth checking the box - there might be one in there.
  2. Ray's sons are keeping BHE going in their spare time since his death. However as they're of working age with families they don't have much of it. Steven B
  3. Smart. I'd have to flip some of those Heljan boxes over so the barcodes lined up. Especially the NSE class 47! Steven B
  4. A few years earlier you find 5 SLE/SLEP, the Mk2 RLO and then another 4 SLE/SLEP. Steven B
  5. Nice. Sadly I don't think Dapol are releasing any I/C Pullman liveried Mk3 FO and there's no RKB (or other refurbished restaurant/buffet) available to run with the Mk3. My re-creation of this set runs with a Farish RMB - I get no end of complaints from the first class passengers! Steven B
  6. Good use of Kato Unitrack. Shame about the "weathering" of the rails though. Steven B
  7. Dear Dapol, please may I have: N Gauge Mk3 in Intercity Pullman (with a choice of names & numbers - happy for a quad pack!) N Gauge Class 73 in Merseyrail (pre-privatisation) A retool of the class 142 to look more like a class 142 would be the icing on the cake! Steven B
  8. Which one: Diag 23 Restaurant Unclassified with Kitchen Diag. 24 Restaurant Buffet with kitchen Diag. 25. Buffet car with kitchen Diag 30/31 Griddle Diag. 36 Restaurant Car First Diag. 56 Restaurant Car Third Diag. 60 Restaurant Car Second Diag. 61 Restaurant Car Unclassified Diag. 97 Open Second with small buffet Diag. 98/99 Open second with miniature buffet then there's the later refurbished coaches with internal and external changes. Lots to choose from! Steven B
  9. You still can - run a length of brass rod along each side of the top of the supporting structure. Have one side for +V, the other for 0V. Depending on the voltage used a 1/6W resistor might be suitable and should be small enough to hide amongst the structure. You should be able to use two resistors per LED, one connected between the LED cathode and the supply, the other between the anode and the supply. Used like this they may look like a turnbuckle/bottle screw fitted to the tie bar the LED leads represent. Steven B
  10. 20064 Bolsover 17-7-86 by John Dedman, on Flickr 20064 Barrow Hill 15-7-86 by John Dedman, on Flickr
  11. Taking a model outside to photograph it makes a huge difference: (Dave McDigital on Flickr)
  12. Rakes of HAA on a revenue earning train needn't be long: 20064 Barrow Hill 15-7-86 by John Dedman, on Flickr
  13. Want BIG industry but will small footprint? Try Bolsover: 20064 Bolsover 17-7-86 by John Dedman, on Flickr
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