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Nonneminstre Coles Crane Finished.




Finally finished off my Coles Crane tonight, 14 months after starting it.

It didn't really need a lot of work to finish, a coat of varnish, some couplings and rigging. The 3 links were supplied with the kit although I lost one hook, easily replaced as it was supplied with Exactoscale hooks, which are excellent. The hooks and links were treated with Birchwood Casey 'Super Blue' before fitting. Rigging, with black cotton (supplied) is fiddly. The cotton is held in place under the rear of the body by a keeper plate and both the jib height and hook are seperately adjustable. A couple of pics;


blogentry-6749-056518000 1286397427_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6749-038045100 1286397448_thumb.jpg


The 48DS chassis, seen on here previously, will be used with the crane, possibly with a cement mixer on.

One job that needed doing was to apply some markings to the safe load/angle indicater (the crescent-shaped object on the jib). These were applied with a bow pen and compass. Its a small detail but to me quite important to have some kind of representation of. Shown here;


blogentry-6749-030897300 1286397725_thumb.jpg


Quite pleased with it. I will get some suitable chain to make up some tackle to hang off the hook (and help tension the cotton).

The crane still needs weathering but that can wait untill I build a layout (there are plans afoot.....).



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That's really effective Paul - is the chain quite fine? Jon020 PM'd me the details of a supplier of 40 links per inch stuff a while ago - I can pass that on or you could contact him directly :)

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James, I'm not sure about chain, I'll know what I'm looking for when I see it. Thanks for the offer, I might just get some in stock anyway!

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