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Where does all the time go?




It's ages since we last updated this, and although we have been busy, for various reasons progress has been slower over the summer. In most cases the progress made (wiring, tweaking) is not very visible - but there has been an addition to the 00 circuit in the form of storage loops on each side.


Last Saturday we hired the hall for the day to make a big effort on finishing off the wiring on all the curved boards (straights had already been done) and do a bit of continuity testing. With wiring finished (or so we thought) within a couple of hours we adjourned to The Castle next door for a very pleasant pub lunch and then returned for a 'play'.


Most was fine, but we did identify one or two inter-board issues to sort out later. When it's all done there will be some more painting to do to restore the boards to their previous pristine condition.


So, here we have an improvised end stop for two Class 15s


blogentry-6669-071592100 1288620350_thumb.jpg


Some of the test locos that were brought along


blogentry-6669-043117500 1288620391_thumb.jpg


And work carrying on with testing and fixing. We did let Mark out from under the boards later.


blogentry-6669-099473100 1288620438_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6669-076893300 1288620449_thumb.jpg



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  • RMweb Gold

I must say we did crack on very well and if I hadn't been the 'Guest Speaker' for the morning then we would probably have been done by 11:30am! :lol: :P





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  • RMweb Gold
I see the 'P87' track is getting good use, as normal :P ;)


Or Tinplate as Barron Brian Harrap likes to call it! :D ;)

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  • RMweb Gold

Or Tinplate as Barron Brian Harrap likes to call it! :D ;)

As in the 'Barron Knights?'.... :P


Well, anyway, I was very sorry to have missed this session.

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