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The additional bit of trackwork being considered



Following the comments in the last entry, this is the new bit of trackwork at the southern end that is being debated:


blogentry-6669-060768300 1289839402_thumb.jpg


This is the bit immediately south of the station building/road bridge that defined the end of the scenic section on Eridge Mk1. It meant that there were four roads going into the fiddle yard, and because they were converging it gave rise to some alignment issues.


On the other hand, whilst two roads is better to manage, there is then the additional issue of the scenic break. It is in a cutting, so maybe just an occupation bridge? But we've got an artificial one of those at the other end, based on the one south of Ashurst in reality. So a stand of trees? Mirrors?


There is another trailing crossover immediately to the south (right) of this bit of Templot, but we don't need to include that - do we?


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I guess this gives you the opportunity to model the station frontage and the full width of the (then) main road bridge, with the station building right on top of it, but in some ways, that bridge made an ideal scenic break, given that it is also quite wide.....


As the line is in a cutting at the point you describe, why not have the accommodation bridge there and disguise the other end with the trees (which I don't think is in a cutting, is it??)

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