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Long time, no update.............

Red Devil


Seems ages since I put anything up here, Mrs Red Devil has had me hard at decorating (why is it you say you'll do one room and end up working through the house?) and what little time I have had seems to have been spent re doing stuff that's gone horribly wrong.


In the last entry I said I wanted to get my Chris Cornell Pilcher kit ready for the Wakefield Exhibition, this I managed to do, painted, transfered and glazed, new Halling drive unit in, then disaster, on the Wednesday before, half of Huddersfield had a power cut, the Pilcher was sat in the kitchen, minding it's own business just letting the Kleer dry on the flush glazing and Mrs Red Devil went on the hunt for candles, yep you've got it, brass kits don't bounce well when hitting a flagged floor! Did I swear? Well some of the neighbours still aren't talking to me!!


Only pic I have is of it in it's first undercoat stage, it's now rubbed down and repaired, hopefully it might do a Lazarus soon.......


blogentry-7067-044796300 1291935065_thumb.jpg


The other major cock up recently was I decided to re do my original 'pivotal' car, I'd never been happy with it since nearly finishing it, I'd done it in a non std livery and really should have done in it in a representive finish. That and the fact that I'd damaged it before it's first outing meant a strip down was called for, to be honest I wish I'd not bothered the amount of hassle I've had rebuilding it, it would probably been easier starting again from scratch, it's included rebuilding several bits of it, repainting it several times to get it right, then when it finally was right, give it a quick coat of varnish and you've guessed it, it bloomed, strip it all off and start again.........!


Anyway, after much messing, it's now back to nearly finished, needs glazing and stairs fitting, much happier with it now. Finished in the pre 1948 livery with Chris Cornell lining and Melbourne Ales transfers as no 98


blogentry-7067-083897800 1291935115_thumb.jpg


blogentry-7067-067719500 1291937042_thumb.jpg


Wakefield show went ok, nothing broke, nothing fell off, seemed to be well received, was a great show to exhibit at, thanks to all at Wakefield MRC.


Million and one things to do, including building a Chris Cornell flush sided convert kit (aquired at Wakefield, but supposedly for Xmas............) Finish 600, 601, I also have quite a bit of stuff with resin to do, terrace shop fronts, Leeds Lance Corporal body, then there's the extension to construct, for which I keep habouring thoughts of a L&Y Pug and 16t minerals.............


Oh and a step by step of how to make Fischer bows has been requested by (one of ?) my loyal reader(s):D


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Nice crisp work on those vehicles, well done, much admiration.


I've crumpled a Cornell kit, too - 2-3 years ago and not much happened since. It was a choice of saving the kit or catching someone as they fell...


By the way, some months ago, saw a Grime Street road sign while out and about. A modern style, unfortunately.

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Cheers, E.L., yep when the Pilcher took a dive I was a bit sickened, ah well it's only a toy tram! There's a few real 'Grime Streets' around, I was quite surprised when I found out, non that local to me though. think Chorley is the nearest..

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The GS I saw is in Grimsby. A rare trip for me into the real world, was taking a picture of of some tram heritage, crossed the road and there was the sign. Will see if I can pass on the picture sometime.


'..only a toy...'. Agree, and only wish that many more would have such a relaxed and balanced perspective to the hobby. Chris has put '...not for under 14 years of age...' on some of his kits!

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