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Where's my darning needle...............?

Red Devil



As my regular reader knows, the road surface on 'Grime Street' is scribed plaster, so a quick update on the extension, the tram track is now all built and tested and a goodly proportion burried under a layer of Wickes finest.


The terminal stub has been built as a Y point with a stub end as per the layout at the end of the Hunslet line on which the idea and local of the layout is based.


So, very shortly the mind numbing task of scribing the sets starts, well it beats watching Emmerdale/Corry etc!


The row of terraces are removeable at the moment, I'll sort out the pavement areas next so the buildings will 'bed in'


I'm thinking of building a pre-fab or two to go on the other (nearest viewer) side of the street, I know Street Level models do a card kit, but I'll probably build them out of plastic to keep the building theme the same.


Railway coal yard track to be fitted next (SMP with plastic based point.




Now to find that darning needle again................:D


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