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More on the Convert and Railcar 602.....

Red Devil


Bit more work done on the Convert kit, gradually beginning to take shape, basic body built up, a few detailing bits need attaching yet (footsteps, doors etc) and still needs a bit more fettling, There are also 20 upper deck seats to build and fit..................they may be ommitted and something else fitted. Anyway as they say a picture is worth............






Quite pleased with it so far, there's a couple of slight modifications that I need to make, (the visor on the upper deck balcony conversions is more like the earlier ones, the later ones were more straight)


Other than that, it's sort the roof fitting out and fit truck sides, which are now likely to be ABS whitemetal P22, with added track brakes.


602 has been having a bit of work done to it, I'd never been happy with the fit of the roof and it's shape, so it was out with the filler and files, unfortunately this meant that all of the relif in the mouldings had to be removed, quick blast with primer and it looks ok now. All the panelling will be added from either microstrip or self adhesive tape cut to very thin strips.





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they are both looking good Mark. By the way the cover of Volume 5 will feature one of the railcaoches. We've also got 18 upper deack seats to make but in 12" to the foot.






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