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James Hilton


This G-scale stuff is quite addictive and I'm finding that you can get as good a finish as 4mm...


Part of me wonders whether to 'thin' and 'focus' the 4mm stuff sooner rather than later?


Anyhow, this blog is about recent progress on the G-scale project, the EJ&KLR. I've 90% completed the brake van and started on the shunter. First up let's talk about the LGB post van that's been modified into this brake van. I've refurbished the lighting circuits, modified the body by removing the horizontal slats (from the window that now has a yellow frame below), resprayed the whole model in a dark grey with black roof and added my own custom decals (printed by John at Precision Labels). I've also sourced a replacement buffer for the one that was missing thanks to a kind chap called Dave from G-scale Central forum.


From this...


To this...


Today I added a waft of satin varnish over the model - to seal the transfers and hide the gloss varnish from behind them - and tomorrow I'll fit the glazing - then she's finished!


I also mentioned the Lilliput diesel shunter. This is based on an American prototype model made by Bachmann - and although the lamps and exhaust stack go a long way it's still fitted with a cut bar and running boards on the buffer beams. These are simply removed with screws - I've then re-fitted the screws in the holes which gives a rugged industrial look to the buffer beams in my opinion. I've also 'bodged' on some LGB locomotive buffers, but the shanks look too weedy so these will be beefed up tomorrow night. This model is still waiting on it's custom EJ&KLR name plates on each side of the cab - also tomorrow hopefully. It's a lovely runner but is visually quite a lot smaller than the rest of the stock - perfect for it's role on the line as it will only ever be used on short infrastructure and PW trains.





Those that read the EJ&KLR blog will have seen that on Monday my father passed away in his sleep. He has been ill for a long time and this G-scale garden railway project was a last hurrah for us both and something that he'd really thrown himself in to - I hope that by continuing the work, and modelling in general, that it will be a fitting tribute to a man who was an inspiration to me - a wonderful father and someone whom I'll never forget.

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Inspirational stuff, I feel sure I will go off on a similar modelling tangent (big!) as a reaction to all of the fiddly small stuff I seem to focus on.


And a wonderful tribute, part of a big dream, I look forward to seeing it progress :)

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Great work James, the break van looks fantastic, and what a brilliant tribute the garden railway will be. cant wait to see the track laying start.



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James - am really sorry to hear the sad news about your father - my sincere condolences to you and your family - as you say, this project, will be a fitting tribute - hang on in there at this extremely difficult time - Pete

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