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6682 Derwent Grange Part 3.

Sailor Charon



I've finally bitten the bullet, and started sawin' (as the saying goes). I've managed to separate the boiler. I had to cut all round, and then pull, twist, etc to get the metal block out of the firebox. I don't know what the metal is, but I couldn't cut it with my razor saw.


I've just blu-tacked the boiler in place to take this photo. As you can see... well, it's a shade too long. About 1.5mm too long. I'm going to cut it just after the first boiler band, as that should get the front of the boiler/back of the smokebox in line with the back of the cylinders. I'm going to need some sort of extra weight in the boiler, as, compared to the Ixion one, it's a bit of a lightweight. Also I need to finish off the bottom of the boiler as well...


Hopefully, it's going to work out. :unsure:



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You're making some good progress there. When you take the bit off the the back of the boiler that casting line on the final section will also need removing. For weight, you might find that you end up having enough as the ixion boiler is very heavy.

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The Ixion metal weight is tungsten, noticeably heavier than lead but, as you've found, quite difficult to cut, drill etc.

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Hi Faye,


Nice job and certainly looks a bit different to a Ixion Manor now!;)


Good to see a photo too. :)


I think all of this should blend in nicely and you'll have a very good model of a Grange.


What livery are you going to finish her in by the way?


Look forwards to the next installment. B)





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The plan, at the moment, is to go for BR lined green. So the question is, where can I get a bow-pen? I've tried transfer type lining before (and that was in O. Admittedly, I was trying to do the lining on the side tanks on a 4MT...), and I found it quite tricky. I doubt I could get a brush to a suitable point, so it looks like a bow-pen is a must.

Oh yes, the other thing I need to get is some handrail knobs...

Anyway guys, thanks for your comments.

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