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A Streamlined B17 Part 6. Body and Chassis United

Sailor Charon


Well, I know the body needs sticking together - it's still in two... no three parts. Front, back and cab. But... they're on the chassis.


And they don't look too bad, all things considered. Still need a fair amount of work, but all the major sawing is now done. All the surgery on the chassis is done too. A few little bits still needed removing, nothing major just a couple of little bits that stuck out between the wheels.

And I've had it going round too. Forwards and backwards.

The one potential problem - or rather the one thing that could be improved is that there are no pickups on the drivers, so it's reliant on the tender for that. So that could be better. I'm thinking what I can do, but I'm at a bit of a loss. Still... it works. :)



I was going to fit valences. But, having put the back of the body on, I've changed my mind. The valve gear sticks out further than the body. Not much, but enough to make me think it's not going to be worth doing. Besides which, if they'd still had the streamlined casing in 1967 they probably wouldn't have had valences anyway. The A4s didn't after all...

And yes, I know that the body isn't quite on straight. It's only resting on top at the moment. And in three pieces.


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  • RMweb Gold

Maybe you could use some strips of phosphorus bronze to made some pickups.



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