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Just another quick update

Sailor Charon


Well, there is good news to report. I ordered two - well it's always good to have a spare - V2 trailing bogies from BRLines. The nice thing is that they have a drawbar attached, and the even nicer thing is that it reaches the original hitch. The nicest thing of all is that it carries electricity. Yes, folks, the Jubilee pacific lives! And the tender is closer coupled as well. So close coupled, in fact that I had to trim the fall plate down a bit. Which was good because it was possibly a bit too long. Now I can get on with finishing the body without worrying. So job number one will be to fix the boiler/cab assembly to the footplate. And I'll need some plasticard to extend the running boards further back. And then it's a whole lotta filler to make good. And then it's handrails and assorted gubbins. Painting and lining. Renumbering and getting nameplates.

But yes, we have progress, and it is good.


Meanwhile I've been making some Scalescenes terraced houses for one of the streets on the Derringham side. They run along Cockbill Street up to its junction with Heavyside Street. And there's eight of them, so it's taking a while.


Anyway, things are looking up.


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