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Shapeways Middleton Bogie arrives.....................

Red Devil



The nice man from UPS brought me a package from the Netherlands today, You've seen the CAD on the previous entry so here's the printed Middleton Bogie, this is done in the white detail rather than the white strong flexible, twice the price (ish) but worth it I think.










reaction.....................well chuffed!

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Paul, James,

Yeah detail is pretty good, the finish is much better than i expected,I'll be looking at various ways of 'smoothing' the slight imperfections, there appears to be quite a few things I'd like to try, regarding strength, well, I've not destruction tested it (yet) but I'm happy with it, it has a wall thickness of about 1mm, it's certainly as strong as a plasticard fabricated tram, it requires less careful handling than one of my normal scratchbuilt ones, primiraly because there's no joints, to a degree there is always a strength issue with the window pillars on a plasticard/plastruct tram, not so with this thoough.


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What scale is this in Mark. The LTHS has just inherited a 7mm scratchbuilt Middleton Bogie that Bernard Donald made many years ago. I'm going to try and get it running.



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I like the look of that Mark! and if you want it testing to destruction...



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Jamie, the print in the pictures is 4mm, I'm thinking of getting the CAD done to 2mm and 7mm scale as well...........

Paul, let me get it finished first, you or Andrea get try and destruction test it first when operating 'Grime Street' :D , my money is on Mrs Red Devil.............:lol:

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Terrific work! This new technology opens up all sorts of exciting possibilities for tram modelling everywhere.





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I can't help but think that one of these in 7mm scale, and in the original blue and white livery, would be absolutely awesome.

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In fact, was checking on the Shapeways site, maximum model size is 70x38x58cm. 7mm would be approx 245mm long and a 1 /16 version 667mm...........!

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Wow looks amazing - Which other trams have you got in mind?



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Quite a few Leeds ones that are not easily available at the moment, and also 2 in particular that I really fancy having a go at are a Grimsby and Immingham long car and an ex Gateshead single decker that ran on the G&I, I really habour plans to model the G&I and the Grimsby district light railway, trams and B1s etc running parrallel..!

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