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The Fatadder


Having spent a couple of days modelling for a change, my gunnel conversions have seen more progress


In each case the work involves

Removal of all moulded detail

Fitting new hopper top from plasticard

Gluing body to chassis

Filling resulting gaps and holes from end detail

Cutting 1 and a bit PGAs to make an ex salt hopper (leaving extra to build a second)

Adding deep headstocks to 390520

Correcting procord boards (either romoval or relocating one side)


There is a long way to go adding all the pipe runs, ribs and headstock detail + p4 conversion but first I want to convert the other 5 wagons I have awaiting work on the hoppers


Unfortunately can't seem to upload photos from my phone


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Hi Rich,


Good to see you back!


Can't wait to see photos... I've been thinking of doing the salt hoppers myself (as part of an ARC PGA rake) and would like to see how you cut and shut these.


Also, what happened to your 59s? Would be great to see some more pictures of these. Now that Bachmann have failed to release one, I've started cutting plastic on two of them for myself.


Best of luck with the Gunnels!



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Will do my best, but sadly only have the Internet on my phone at the moment

I am off to Chester on secondment for 6 months from Sunday so hopefully will end up finding a room to rent that is ok to model in else will only be able to work on stuff when I am home in Bristol at the weekends


With the salt hoppers I broke the ends on two PGAs when removing body and chassis so these were used as donors

I cut the damaged end off the first wagon then cut the chassis in half and glued one half to the good end. I then used a broken 2nd chassis to cut a centre section to the missing length and glued that on so it overlaps the body

Finally cut the new end to size and glued to the other chassis half before gluing the lot together (after which it's the usual detailing etc

For the other one I will take a good PGA and add a new centre section, the chassis will be from 4 parts to make it up from my available components


As for the 59s

The first two are both awaiting chassis painting, but lack of suitable paint facilities in Bristol have that on hold

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