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Tony Simms


As promised, I am posting several pictures of the yard crossing following clearance of the flangeways. Once the filler had set, I initially used a Stanley knife to score close up to the inner of each rail, down as far as the tops of the chairs. This was cleared out using a 1/2" paintbrush. The knife was reversed and the score widened using the flat back of the blade, and brushed clear again. Finally a hacksaw blade was used to give a little extra width to the flangeway; I merely used the rounded end where the hole is, so no teeth came into contact with rail or filler. After all that, the flangeway was brushed clear. Again!


Last but not least, the filler was burnished with the back of my thumbnail to ensure that the rails were proud of the outer filler and that there were no crumbly bits. Tomorrow, I'll test with a loco, but the Standard vans roll through without problems:










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You don't want to show that to Pete, you might just hear his scream all the way from Spain biggrin.gif . Looks to have come out very nicely.

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Hi Tony.


As the others have said that has come out really really well, the photos are really good too and you can get a sense of what this layout is going to be like. Its definately a method to remember for the future.


Thank you.


Missy :)

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You don't want to show that to Pete, you might just hear his scream all the way from Spain


its not screaming Kris...its weeping...besides, my blog's a bit dull at times so I have to introduce some drama into it to spice it up ;)


Congratulations Tony - Agreed that it looks excellent indeed.


I might just have to send you a prepaid flight ticket, destination barcelona...

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Thanks for the feedback folks; always most welcome.


I'm really pleased with the way this has panned out and I'm looking forward to painting and weathering the surface. That will need to wait until the cattle dock and main platform is in place though. To the right of the photos is currently a bit of a war-zone with much to be done (and undone in places!)


Missy; the photos probably "benefit" from a certain "je ne sais quoi" having been taken on a ultra high speed, in a dark garage, with no tripod. I think it's called "fuzzy"! laugh.gif

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That looks really good Tony. If the painting and weathering is as good as that on the road bridge you've done, it will really be top-notch modelling!


Are you bringing the layout to the Expo in June?



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Just found this entry - very nice work! Do you have a cunning plan for keeping the rails clean, or have you found they don't need it?


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